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New California Law Says Uber Drivers Are Employees, Uber Says They’re Contractors

New California Law Says Uber Drivers Are Employees, Uber Says They’re Contractors

State senators in California are poised to vote on Assembly Bill 5 (AB5), ... gig economy companies to classify workers as independent contractors. If passed, the bill could force Uber and Lyft to designate drivers as employees, ... According to the LA Times, the ride-hailing companies say they will spend $60.... 1 is sparking fresh legal and political battles as Uber and Lyft pursue a campaign to revamp the legislation. ... workers as independent contractors, as Uber and Lyft do with their drivers. ... New Gig Work Law Leaves California Scrambling ... City Attorney Dennis Herrera has said that ensuring workers are.... Now, as these workers say they have to work longer hours for lower pay with no ... California's new AB 5 law could require these companies to reclassify their ... so a lot of drivers say they want to remain independent contractors. ... That means no pay when they're waiting for rides, which averages out to.... Uber says it can evade the requirement. ... Uber will not treat its California drivers as employees, the ride-hail company's head lawyer ... Newsom has said that he is willing to sign the new law, but signaled Tuesday that he still.... Company risks $500m hit if it treats contractors as employees, but changes could irk riders. ... its drivers in California, as it tries to escape the impact of a new law on gig ... Uber also said it was scrapping the fixed fares shown to riders, ... .... Responding to a new California labor law, Uber making concessions drivers ... it harder for businesses to treat workers as independent contractors. ... Uber says it will watch closely to see how the tests underway affect drivers'.... New California law says Uber drivers are employees, Uber says they're contractors. Scott Bicheno. Written by Scott Bicheno; 12 September.... The California law that pits artists against Uber drivers ... Reclassifying workers as employees instead of contractors is a ... a new set of standards known as the ABC test, which Dubal said labor advocates had been seeking for decades. ... say, 40 hours of week of driving for a rideshare service, is that the.... Legislation near final approval would affect drivers for ride-hailing services, ... Supporters of a bill that reclassifies contractors as employees gathered ... California legislators said the bill, known as Assembly Bill 5 and proposed ... years as companies like Uber, Lyft and DoorDash in the United States as.... Uber's secret project to bolster its case against AB5, California's gig-worker law ... transforming Uber drivers and other contractors into employees late last year ... and the passing of new laws in the state of California, the company says. ... contractors will help even if they're to boost a case regarding AB5,.... The new law, which went into effect Wednesday, affects Uber and Lyft ... to hire workers as contractors but gig companies like Uber, Lyft and the food delivery platform Postmates are refusing to reclassify their fleet of drivers as employees. ... Gonzalez says she hopes city attorneys and the state attorney.... A California law aimed at requiring gig economy companies to classify workers as ... did not automatically make Uber drivers or Postmates deliverers employees. ... whether a worker is an independent contractor or an employee. ... drivers' advocacy group Rideshare Drivers United, says a coalition of labor.... To fight new employment law, Uber pits California drivers against each other ... employees or establish clearly that they are independent contractors. ... a set fare say, two times the cost of a ride were quashed by drivers.... NEW YORK An Uber executive has been roaming the halls of the New York ... he says, augurs the misery that will envelop New York should legislators ... Vox Media to Cut 200 Freelancers, Citing California Gig-Worker Law, ... of employees as independent contractors, a practice that has existed for.... Uber won't be reclassifying its drivers from independent contractors ... The ride-hail company shrugs off a new bill in California, but legal challenges loom ... employees, Tony West, chief legal counsel at Uber, said in a press call with reporters. ... In fact, the bill currently says nothing about ride-share drivers.

Uber Technologies Inc. wants to smother what the company calls California's Frankenstein gig-worker protection law before state officials turn it loose. ... Uber says reclassifying workers that way would add 20% to 40% in labor costs ... out changes to its app to bolster the argument that they're contractors.. The company is giving drivers more freedom, but critics say the move is a ... Uber changing app to avoid reach of California's new gig workers law ... new state law threatening to reclassify its contractors as full-time employees.. Uber explained the changes as due to new state laws, in a letter to riders ... Uber says that drivers being employees would destroy the flexibility that both its ... to keep their drivers and couriers as independent contractors entitled to some ... One interesting thing for drivers is that they're already reaping the.... Politicians in California have passed a new bill aimed at making gig ... drivers as contractors, not employees, despite a new California labor rights' law that ... legislation aimed at giving gig workers such as Uber drivers greater.... The drivers allege that under California law they should have been considered ... More drivers sue Uber, saying they're employees, not contractors ... The lawsuit asks for class-action status...


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